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Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast…

November 7, 2009

So, here’s the thing…

In two days, I have two exams. Then a day later, another, then another the next day. And here I am wasting time writing a blog post to what is essentially myself instead of studying.

What else have I done today?

Had TWO naps.

Discussed with Lotte why dogs have such sniffy noses.

Bought Bento supplies.

Watched some fairies/street performers unload their props from a ute then stand around comparing their stockings.

Read the paper.

Rubbed my tummy.

Colour me productive aye? All the while this industrious doing was being done, I’ve also been dealing with an ever-present new friend – nausea. Partly to do with the cherry-sized dugong (have you seen the pictures of developing fetuses/feti?), and partly due to panic that the whole SEMESTER IS HANGING IN THE BALANCE OF THE NEXT WEEK AND OMG IT’S NEXT WEEK. It seemed like ages away, then bam! I could count the time in hours now.

Well, I could always have counted the time in hours, if I had a calculator, but any second now I’ll be down to old school fingers and toes.


The problem is, I’m really good at procrastinating. And denial. And writing lists and timetables. They’re not problems in themselves, except I’m not enrolled in BellyRubbing 101, or Lists for the 21st century (but if I was, man I’d kick ass). I’m like Rimmer in the Red Dwarf books, who spends so much time writing out his study timetables and revising them that he ends up with 7.3 seconds per subject study time before his exam. I feel that like him, I’ll be reduced to just rubbing my study notes over myself in a blind panic and misplaced faith in osmosis.

You would have thought I’d have learnt who I am by now, but no, somehow I still manage to convince myself that not only can I study full time but also run the house and grow a person. Nevermind that my favourite pastime is sleeping, and lately I can barely keep my eyes open for more than five hours at a stretch. Nevermind that this is a completely new field to me. Nevermind that I’m lazy at the best of times.

And so here I am. Like a desperate card-tower maker in a hurricane holding two cards together and muttering “It’s still good…it’s okay…” I’m still telling myself that I’ll be fine. The shit of it is that no matter what I do, those exams will roll around regardless, and I have a little voice whispering that I could probably, maybe, possibly, it’s not completely insane to think, that I could pass without doing anything more than this. After all, I have (mostly) kept up with the study throughout the semester, and it is multiple choice, and oh my god I’m sounding convincing so I better stop.

Right then.

Any minute now.

Best bit of the day: Chicken and avocado sushi rolls at lunchtime. Specifically, the mayonnaisey sauce stuff in them.

Not so best bit: While eating the aforementioned sushi rolls, all I could think of was how delsish they were and how many I had left.

Oh, and the lack of studying.