stuck in the middle with …um, myself

Well, for those of you who are avidly following my life, I’m two down, two to go in the exam gauntlet.

(As I’m probs the only reader, that means yes, I am avidly following myself. I can’t decide if that’s normal or really sad).

The first two weren’t too bad, and there were only a coupe of questions where I had to resort to eeny meeny miny moo for the answer. As usual, there were those desperados outside the venue reading their notes, and one guy was even discussing how he’d been vomiting. Vomiting! From a multiple choice test!

I’m growing a person here, and you don’t see me vomming. Harden up dude.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I love exams, and go running around gate crashing them just to colour in the little circles. I just can’t see the point of getting on the crazy bus over them. They’re just tests to see if you’ve been paying attention, and if you were in class, surely something sunk in? If not, why the hell were you in class? What were you doing?

And just to add a bit more wankiness to the mix, these are MULTIPLE CHOICE exams people. Yeah not fun, but not the end of the world. Back in my day, when I was doing my first degree, we had to write 4 essays in two hours, complete with quotes. Multiple choice? Pfffft.

PS – Yes, I know I was talking about panic stations only a post or so ago, but I’m pregnant, so am allowed these personality swings (last night I teared up because M had left the outside light on for me).


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